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NightingeiL - Outsider - ほこり蝶 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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NightingeiL - Outsider [2009/06/25 (Thu) ☆ 15:12]
Lyrics & Translations



Artist: NightingeiL
Title: Outsider
kanji ☆ romaji ☆ english

Translation collaboration with Icchi ☆





3    2     1    Go...


神との別離    別れの時...

Outsiderふみ込むんだ    outsider絶望の終わり
Outsiderふみ込むんだ    outsider次は飛ぶんだ
神との別離    別れの時...



Outsider (romaji)
(Lyrics: Kon | Music: Kaie)

Tobichitta karada wo kangaeta

Kyoukaisen tachi shita nozoku
Kako no koto omoidashite
Kakugo kimeta kanarazu tobu!
Ikeru hazu sa mayoi wa nai

3    2    1    Go...

Aah, naze tobinai yuuki ga nai
Sekai ni miren wa nai hazu sa
Jikosai to mukai tsuzuke
Kimeta hazu sa tobi-oriru

Kono ashi wo ima daseru hazu sa
Kami to no betsuri    wakare no toki...

Outsider fumikomunda    outsider zetsubou no owari
Outsider fumikomunda    outsider tsugi wa tobunda
Kono ashi wo ima daseru hazu sa
Kami to no betsuri    wakare no toki...



Outsider (english)

I've thought about the scattered body

Standing there, looking down fron the edge
As I was remembering past things
I've decided to be prepared to fly [1]
Without hesistation, I'm walking on

3 2 1 Go...

Aah, why don't I have the courage to fly?
There's nothing left in this world I'd regret
I continue to reflect upon my self [2]
I've been sure, I've decided to jump down

I sure will make these feet step forwards now
Parting from god, it's time for departure...

Outsider, I've reached the end of despair [2]
Outsider, I've been there and next thing I'll jump


[1] Tobu means "fly" as well as "jump"
As you can hear in the beginning, Kon seems to be running (up) somewhere
As he reaches his goal he screams... logically he thinks about jumping off, flying down.

[2] These lines translations are a bit off, but fit in better than the literal... same meaning of course.

I'm so happy Kon is using his old bandnick again
And most happy he's returned to his old style!
It's as if a bit of La'Mule has come back...

Listen to them! *winks*


[User Picture]From: ichi_ichigo_san
2009/06/25 - 14:01 (UTC)
tachika = tachishita

Isn't it omoidashite?

I can't hear the 'ta' in 'Kakugo kimeta' but that could just be me. @.@

Oh... we did a BIG mistake. XD It's not 'kibou'... but 'zetsubou'. Ahahaha... just a little difference. ^^;

Done. :D
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[User Picture]From: x_lichti_x
2009/06/25 - 16:44 (UTC)
Aww thank you darling, I like this song...it is such an earworm from time to time. :3
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