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Lyrics & Translations

Lyrics & Translations
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Welcome to Hokorichou, a Community for Japanese Lyrics, Romaji and Translations!

This community is run by me (☆くる) and all romaji and translations are made by myself - unless noted otherwise.
I'm no professional translator, please don't expect my translations (and my English) to be 100% accurate.
I'll try my best to post something worth posting, though

There's one simple rule:
Feel free to use the Romaji on any site you want, but please don't repost my translations.
It's simple as this: I can edit my mistakes in here later. And usually I need to.
You can link the entry instead :D

If you're searching for something, please check out either the artist tags or the directory posting...
And if it's not listed there, feel free to request (here) I'll be happy to help out ☆
Requests are currently closed, due to exams.